Math 583

by David Olive
        Preprint M-02-006
        Copyright Jan. 2023

  • Math 583 Syllabus, High Dimensional Statistics: Math583syl
  • The following preprint greatly increases the scope of data splitting for regression, and finds the large sample theory for OPLS.
  • Olive, D.J., and Zhang, L. (2023), One Component Partial Least Squares, High Dimensional Regression, Data Splitting, and the Multitude of Models opls.pdf
  • The following preprint gives a data splitting prediction region and shows how to predict the random walk.
  • Haile, Zhang, and Olive (2023), Prediction Intervals and Regions for Random Walks and Renewal Processes rwalkpi.pdf
  • Olive (2023i), Some Simple High Dimensional One Sample Tests hd1samp.pdf
  • Olive (2023g), High Dimensional Binary Regression and Classification hdbreg.pdf
  • This is the Fall 2023 review for the SIU Math 583 hdim 1st midterm. M583hdrev1.pdf
  • This is the Spring 2023 review for the SIU Math 583 2nd midterm. M583hdrev2.pdf
  • This is the Spring 2023 review for the SIU Math 583 3rd midterm. M583hdrev3.pdf
  • Here is the website for Prediction and Statistical Learning (2023). slearn

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