Data Science Without Much Math

by David Olive
        Preprint M-02-006
        Copyright July 2018

1st draft of course notes for Data Science Without Much Math. This manuscript is unfinished. Revisions are ongoing. The .PDF version below is as of January 2019.

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The complete text is in the file dsnotes.pdf.

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dsnotes.pdf dspack.txt dsdata.txt dsrhw.txt
Table of Contents
Preface i-xii   cont
Chapter 1-Introduction 1-10   ch1
Chapter 2-Summarizing Data With Graphs 11-31   ch2
Chapter 3-Summarizing Data with Statistics 32-71   ch3
Chapter 4-The Normal Distribution 72-116   ch4
Chapter 5-Scatterplots and Correlation 117-137   ch5
Chapter 6-Regression 138-164   ch6
Chapter 7-Sampling 165-177   ch7
Chapter 8-Probability 178-198   ch8
Chapter 9-Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing 199-212   ch9
Chapter 10-CART 213-245   ch10
Chapter 11- 246-252   ch11
Chapter 12- 253-306   ch12
Chapter 13-Clustering 307-308   ch13
Chapter 14-Stuff for Students 338-357   ch15
Bibliography 358-380   bib



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