A Course in Statistical Theory

by David Olive
        Preprint M-02-006
        Copyright August 2005, Dec. 2012

Course notes for statistical inference. This manuscript is unfinished. Revisions are ongoing. The .PDF version below is as of Dec. 2012.

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The complete text is in the file infnotes.pdf.

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Table of Contents
Preface i-x   cont
Chapter 1-Probability and Expectations 1-30   ch1
Chapter 2-Multivariate Distributions and Transformations 31-91   ch2
Chapter 3-Exponential Families 92-113   ch3
Chapter 4-Sufficient Statistics 114-146   ch4
Chapter 5-Point Estimation 147-177   ch5
Chapter 6-UMVUES and the FCRLB 178-204   ch6
Chapter 7-Testing Statistical Hypotheses 205-232   ch7
Chapter 8-Large Sample Theory 233-279   ch8
Chapter 9-Confidence Intervals 280-318   ch9
Chapter 10-Some Useful Distributions 319-392   ch10
Chapter 11-Stuff for Students 393-434   ch11
Bibliography 435-456   bib  



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