Statistical Inference Manuscripts

by David Olive
        Preprint M-02-006
        Copyright May 2003, Dec. 2012

  • This webpage provides some material to help teach statistical inference at the level of Casella and Berger (2002) or Olive (2014).
  • Errata for Olive, D.J. (2014), Statistical Theory and Inference. errata.pdf
  • Jan. 2008: Online course notes: Olive, D.J. (2008), A Course in Statistical Theory. infbook.htm
  • Olive, D.J. (2008), Using Exponential Families in an Inference Course. expfam.pdf
  • The Invariance Property for the MLE is Usually Presented Incorrectly.
  • Olive, D.J. (2004), Does the MLE Maximize the Likelihood? mle.pdf
  • Here is a simple MLE limit theorem for exponential families.
  • Olive, D.J. (2007), A Simple Limit Theorem for Exponential Families. limit.pdf
  • Abuhassan, H. and Olive, D.J. (2008), Inference for the Pareto, Half Normal and Related Distributions. std.pdf
  • Olive, D.J. (2012), Association for the Chi-square Test. chisq.pdf
  • The following files are handouts for Math 580 at SIU.
  • This is the 2022 review for the SIU Math 580 1st midterm. review1.pdf
  • This is the 2022 review for the SIU Math 580 2nd midterm. review2.pdf
  • This is the 2022 review for MY SIU Math 580 3rd midterm, final and for some of the qual problems. review.pdf
  • Here are some solutions to some SIU Math 580 qualifying exam problems. Some appear in my book. qualsoln.pdf

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