Multiple Linear and 1D Regression

by David Olive
        Preprint M-02-006
        Copyright August 2006, Jan 2010

I am writing course notes for multiple linear and 1D regression, and this the first draft. This manuscript is unfinished. Revisions are ongoing. The .PDF version below is as of Jan 2010.

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The complete text is in the file regnotes.pdf. The MDATA files are for ARC.

.PDF Version R/Splus Programs R/Splus Data R Code and SAS Programs
regnotes.pdf regpack.txt regdata.txt reghw.txt
Table of Contents
Misc MDATA Files
Preface i-xii   cont animal.lsp, belg.lsp
Chapter 1-Introduction 1-27   ch1 bodfat.lsp, boston2.lsp, c12.lsp
Chapter 2-Multiple Linear Regression 28-101   ch2 buxton.lsp, cement.lsp, cbrain.lsp
Chapter 3-Building an MLR Model 102-180   ch3 credit.lsp, cyp.lsp
Chapter 4-WLS and Generalized Least Squares 181-193   ch4 gladstone.lsp, hbk.lsp, ICU.lsp,
Chapter 5-One Way ANOVA 194-233   ch5 insulation.lsp, john.lsp
Chapter 6-K Way ANOVA 234-247   ch6 lobster.lsp
Chapter 7-Block Designs 248-266   ch7 lsinc.lsp
Chapter 8-Orthogonal Designs 267-310   ch8 major.lsp
Chapter 9-More on Experimental Designs 311-328   ch9 marry.lsp
Chapter 10-Logistic Regression 329-374   ch10 museum.lsp, muss.lsp
Chapter 11-Poisson Regression 375-400   ch11 naph.lsp, nasty.lsp
Chapter 12-Generalized Linear Models 401-415   ch12 octane.lsp, pollution.lsp
Chapter 13-Least Squares Theory 416-418   ch13 pop.lsp, popcorn.lsp
Chapter 14-Multivariate Analysis 419-432   ch14 pov.lsp, povc.lsp
Chapter 15-1D Regression 433-480   ch15 salinity.lsp
Chapter 16-Survival Analysis 481-574   ch16 sat.lsp, sinc.lsp
Chapter 17-Stuff for Students 575-592   ch17 wood.lsp
Bibliography 593-628   bib  



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