Robust Statistics

by David Olive
        Preprint M-11-001
        Copyright Aug. 2020, Jan. 2022

This online text, Olive, D.J. (2020) Robust Statistics, is a major revision of the online course notes Olive, D.J. (2008), Applied Robust Statistics. This manuscript is not really ready. Revisions are ongoing. The .PDF version below is as of Jan. 2023.

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The complete text is in the file runrob.pdf. The MDATA files are for ARC.

.PDF Version R Programs R Data R Code
Robust Statistics.pdf rpack.txt robdata.txt robRhw.txt
Table of Contents
Misc MDATA Files
Preface i-xvii   robcont animal.lsp, belg.lsp
Chapter 1-Introduction 1-18   robch1 bodfat.lsp, boston2.lsp
Chapter 2-Location Model 19-84   robch2 buxton.lsp, cbrain.lsp
Chapter 3-Multivariate Location and Dispersion Model 85-164   robch3 cyp.lsp, credit.lsp
Chapter 4-Prediction Regions and Bootstrap Confidence Regions 165-190   robch4 gladstone.lsp, hbk.lsp
Chapter 5- Multiple Linear Regression 191-256   robch5 ICU.lsp, insulation.lsp, john.lsp
Chapter 6-Robust and Resistant Regression 257-284   robch6 lobster.lsp, lsinc.lsp
Chapter 7-MLR Variable Selection and Lasso 285-362   robch7 major.lsp, marry.lsp
Chapter 8-AER and Time Series 363-370   robch8 museum.lsp, muss.lsp
Chapter 9-1D Regression 371-416   robch9 naph.lsp, nasty.lsp, octane.lsp
Chapter 10-GLMs and GAMs 417-476   robch10 pollution.lsp, pop.lsp, popcorn.lsp
Chapter 11-Appendix 477-544   robch11 pov.lsp, povc.lsp
Chapter 12 -   robch12 salinity.lsp, sinc.lsp
Chapter 13 -   robch13 skeleton.lsp, stackloss.lsp
Chapter 14 -   robch14 wood.lsp
Bibliography 545-581   robbib  



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