• Dhanushka Welagedara's PhD dissertation.
  • Welagedara, W.D.A.M. (2023), Model Selection, Data Splitting for ARMA Time Series and Visualizing Some Bootstrap Confidence Regions swelagedara.pdf
  • Yu Jin's PhD dissertation.
  • Jin, Y. (2023), Some Topics Relevant to Actuarial Mathematics sjin.pdf
  • Lingling Zhang's PhD dissertation.
  • Zhang, L. (2022), Data Splitting Inference slingling.pdf
  • Mulubrhan G. Haile's PhD dissertation.
  • Haile, M.G. (2022), Inference for Time Series after Variable Selection shaile.pdf
  • Kosman W.G.D.H. Rajapaksha's PhD dissertation.
  • Rajapaksha, K. W.G.D.H. (2021), Wald Type Tests with the Wrong Dispersion Matrix skosman.pdf
  • Rasanji C. Rathnayake's PhD dissertation.
  • Rathnayake, R.C. (2019), Inference For Some GLMs and Survival Regression Models After Variable Selection srasanjiphd.pdf
  • This big simulation was cut down to make Lasanthi Pelawa Watagoda's
  • PhD dissertation.
  • Pelawa Watagoda, L.C.R. (2017), Simulation for Inference After Variable Selection slasanthisim.pdf
  • Lasanthi Pelawa Watagoda's PhD dissertation.
  • Pelawa Watagoda, L.C.R. (2017), Inference After Variable Selection slasanthiphd.pdf

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