Wesley Calvert: Preprints

  • "The Isomorphism Problem for Classes of Computable Fields" (Updated 10/25/2003). [A shorter version of this paper is published in Archive for Mathematical Logic 43 (2004) 327-336.] dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Comparing classes of finite structures", with D. Cummins, J. F. Knight, and S. Miller (Updated 2/3/2004) [A slightly modified version of this paper appeared in Algebra and Logic 43 (2004) 374-392.]dvi, ps, pdf
  • "The Isomorphism Problem for Computable Abelian p-Groups of Bounded Length" (Updated 2/10/2004) [A slightly modified version of this paper is published in The Journal of Symbolic Logic 70 (2005), 331-345.] dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Algebraic Structure and Computable Structure" (Updated 3/30/2005) [My Ph.D. thesis, submitted to the Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame] dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Computable Trees of Scott Rank w1 CK, and Computable Approximation," with J. F. Knight and J. Millar (Updated 6/15/2005) [Published in The Journal of Symbolic Logic 71 (2006) 283--298] pdf
  • "Classification from a Computable Viewpoint," with J. F. Knight (Updated 6/15/2005) [An improved version of this paper appears in The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12 (2006) 191--218] dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Effective Categoricity of Equivalence Structures," with D. Cenzer, V. Harizanov, and A. Morozov [Published in Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 141 (2006) 61--78] pdf
  • "Index Sets for Computable Structures," with V. Harizanov, J. F. Knight, and S. Miller (Updated 2/2/2006), Algebra and Logic, 45 (2006) pp. 306--325.
    dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Computable Structures of Scott Rank w1 CK in familiar classes," with S. S. Goncharov and J. F. Knight (Updated 7/6/2005), Advances in Logic (Proceedings of the North Texas Logic Conference, October 8--10, 2004), Contemporary Mathematics 425 (2007), American Mathematical Society, pp. 49-66.
    dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Turing degrees of isomorphism types of algebraic objects," with V. Harizanov and A. Shlapentokh (Updated 7/6/2005) [Published in Journal of the London Mathematical Society 75 (2007), 273--286]
    dvi, ps, pdf
  • "Index sets for classes of high rank structures," with E. Fokina, S. S. Goncharov, J. F. Knight, O. Kudinov, A. S. Morozov, and V. Puzarenko [Published in Journal of Symbolic Logic 72 (2007), 1418--1446] pdf
  • "Categoricity of computable infinitary theories," with S. S. Goncharov, J. F. Knight, and J. Millar [accepted for publication in special issue of Archive for Mathematical Logic for papers on Model Theory and Computable Model Theory from the Special Year in Logic, University of Florida, 2007] pdf
  • "Effective categoricity of Abelian p-groups," with D. Cenzer, V. Harizanov, and A. Morozov, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 159 (2009), 187--197. pdf

  • "Real computable manifolds and homotopy groups," with R. Miller, Unconventional computation 2009 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5715), (2009) 98--109. pdf
  • "The cardinality of an oracle in Blum-Shub-Smale Computation," with K. Kramer and R. Miller, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, special issue for Computability and Complexity in Analysis 2010, 24 (2010) 56--66.
  • "Metric structures and probabilistic computation," Theoretical Computer Science 412 (2011), 2766--2755. pdf
  • "Noncomputable functions in the Blum-Shub-Smale Model," with K. Kramer and R. Miller, Logical Methods in Computer Science 7 (2011), 1--20.
  • "Formalization of generalized constraint language: A crucial prelude to computing with words," with E. Khorasani and S. Rahimi, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 43 (2013) 246--258. pdf
  • "Degeneration and orbits of tuples and subgroups in an Abelian group," with K. Dutta and A. Prasad, Journal of Group Theory 16 (2013), 221--233. pdf
  • "Approximating functionsand measuring distance on a graph," with R. Miller and J. Chubb Reimann, Proceedings of the 12th Asian Logic Conference, 2013, 24--52. pdf
  • "Some results on R-computable structures," Effective mathematics and the uncountable 2008 (Lecture Notes in Logic, volume 41), 2013, 14--32. pdf
  • "Degrees of isomorphism types of geometric objects," with V. Harizanov and A. Shlapentokh, Computability 3 (2014), 105--134. pdf
  • "PAC Learning, VC Dimension, and the Arithmetic Hierarchy," Archive for Mathematical Logic, 54 (2015) 871--883. pdf
  • "Genericity and UD-Random reals," with J. N. Y. Franklin, Journal of Logic and Analysis 7:4 (2015) 1--10. pdf
  • "Strong jump inversion," with A. Frolov, V. Harizanov, J. F. Knight, C. F. D. McCoy, A. Soskova, and S. Vatev, Journal of Logic and Computation 28 (2018) 1499--1522.
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Philosopher in Meditation 1632 (110 Kb); Oil on wood, 28 x 34 cm (11 x 13 1/2"); Musee du Louvre, Paris

In an effort to respect the rights of the copyright holders, the latest versions of some papers are not posted here. Many of the papers were improved by the efforts of the journals in which they were published, and the most authoritative versions are to be found in the published form of each paper. However, since I know the difficulty of access to journals, these essentially complete forms are offered here.